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Prepare for your summer road trip with a pre-trip inspection from Evans Automotive Service Center in Pensacola Florida

Planning for Summer Road Trips

Memorial Day marks the unofficial start of summer. While we still have a few weeks before the official summer solstice, we hope you get out and enjoy the beautiful weather. One of our favorite aspects of summer is vacations, especially road trips! Whether you love cranking up the tunes on the radio or playing “I Spy” with your passengers,…

Proper tire pressure can save you money and gas on the roads in Pensacola. The auto experts at Evans Automotive Repair will make sure your tires are in the best condition with proper inflation and tire pressure.

Over vs Under Inflated Tires

Keeping your tires at the proper pressure can go a long way to help improve fuel efficiency, comfort on the roads, and even the life of your tires… but how do you know the optimal tire pressure? If your tires are under inflated, the lack of pressure inside the tire can create more stress on…

Safe Driving on Wet Roads this Spring from the auto repair experts at Evans Automotive Service Center in Pensacola Florida

Spring Safety on Wet Roads

Spring means rain, puddles, slick roads and hydroplaning. Here are some tips to help you stay safely on the road, no matter what kind of weather we get this spring! Proper tire tread depth is critical for being able to channel away water and maintain traction on slick roads. You can easily check tread depth…

Evans Automotive Facebook Like Giveaway!

Once per month, Evans Automotive will select one winner at random from the “likes” on our business Facebook page to receive a special prize! In order to become eligible for this contest you must Like the Evans Automotive Facebook page. Each Page Like on Facebook counts as one entry to the monthly contest. Once you…

Save money at the pump by buying the right gas for your vehicle. Car care tips from the technicians at Evans Automotive Repair in Pensacola FL

Save Money at the Pump with the Right Gas

When you pull up to the gas station and glance at the prices, it can be tempting to reach for the lowest octane with the lowest price… but depending on your engine, this could save you a few cents at the pump and cost hundreds in engine damage down the road. Why? Not all engines…

Check and clean your headlights for safe driving in Pensacola FL with help from the technicians at Evans Automotive Repair

Checking your Headlights

Winter roads are dark – make sure you can see (and be seen) on the roads in Pensacola by checking your headlights. For most drivers, headlights are one piece of your car that is taken for granted. You don’t have to think about your headlights unless the roads are dark. Modern cars often have automatic lights,…

Fix and avoid flat tires at Evans Automotive Repair in Pensacola FL

Flat Tires from Low Tire Pressure

“Check your tire pressure or you’ll get a flat!” These words of wisdom, in one form or another, are passed to drivers as the temperatures change in Pensacola. And it’s true – tire pressure matters, and no one wants a flat tire, but why are they related? Under-inflated tires change the way the tire hits…

Driving Safely

Vehicle safety is an important subject for most people that drive or own vehicles. There are a number of threats to your safety while driving. These threats can stem from a variety of factors such as internal issues with the car, accidents, and even burglary or any attempt of theft. Keeping that in mind, it…

Oil Change Tips

Oil Changing Tips

Car retailers, manufacturers, and mechanics alike place considerable importance on the role of engine oil in your car. Most motorists believe with good reason that one of the simplest ways of prolonging the life of your vehicle is to change your car’s oil regularly. If you value your car enough, you’ll know the importance of…

Brake Rotors

Brake Rotor Resurfacing

If you have owned and driven your vehicle for any length of time, you are sure to have felt the difference in the brake service that you get from different shops. Traditionally, brake services had the servicemen machine the rotors instead of replacing them. Now however, breaks are regularly being replaced after almost every break service….