Keeping your car washed and clean can help to add years to the life of your vehicle’s finish. Over time, all cars and trucks accumulate dirt and grime on their surface. These contaminants can act like sandpaper and eventually wear down the protective clear coat and weaken the paint.

Professional Car Detailing SevicesEvans Automotive Service Center Now Provides Vehicle Detailing Services!

When the dirt on your vehicle mixes with rain water, this combination can work to etch the smooth paint job and leave a rougher surface that holds more dirt. If your car is soiled with tree sap, insects or bird droppings, your paint can be damaged even faster.

Protect Your Vehicle’s Finish

When the paint on your car or truck becomes damaged, it leaves the metal beneath exposed to the elements. Even a small break or chip in the paint can lead to rusting of your vehicle’s body panels. To keep your car looking great and lasting longer, we recommend having your car or truck professionally detailed on a regular basis.

Car Wash & Vacuum

Keep your car looking and smelling great with our Car Wash & Vacuum service!

Exterior hand wash, interior vacuum, air freshener, window cleaning and tire shine

Express Detail

Don’t have time for a Full Detail? Take advantage of our Express Detail service!

Exterior hand wash, spray wax and polish, interior vacuum, window cleaning and tire shine

Full Detail

The works! Our Full Detail service will leave your vehicle clean, shiny and ready to roll.

Exterior hand wash, hand buff and polish, interior vacuum, air freshener, window cleaning and tire shine


Engine Cleaning – Want your car or truck to look as good under the hood as it does on the outside? Add on our Engine Cleaning service!

Schedule Your Vehicle Detailing Today!

To get a quote for cleaning your vehicle, give us a call at 850.455.7374. Make an appointment to get your car or truck looking it’s best, or schedule this service when you bring your vehicle in for mechanical service or repair.