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“Spongy” Brakes

Spongy brakes is a serious warning - bring your vehicle to Evans Automotive Service in Pensacola for a brake inspection.

Driving down the roads in Pensacola, when you approach a stop sign or traffic light, your foot will move to the brake pedal to slow down your car. But what happens when the brakes don’t react the way you expect?

Brake issues are one of the most serious problems affecting your vehicle. Do NOT ignore a warning sign of brake problems! If you are experiencing brake problems in your vehicle, call our shop to arrange a tow and a brake inspection.

One symptom of an issue with your brakes is “spongy” brakes. This means that when you apply the brakes, the pedal feels squishy or soft beneath your foot. Instead of firm and consistent resistance, the brake pedal reaction is unpredictable.

This is a serious condition – spongy brakes put you at increased risk for uncontrollable brakes on the road. If left unaddressed and ignored, spongy brakes can quickly cause a serious accident on the road.

Spongy brakes is often a symptom of a leak in the brake system. Brake fluid should be the only thing inside the brakes, controlling the hydraulics that allow the brakes to work. If there is a leak, air can get into the system.

Air in the brake system will affect the way the hydraulics works. The brakes should be a closed system. Have the brake fluids flushed and replaced periodically for optimum performance. Check the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule or call our expert technicians.

If you are experiencing spongy brakes, bring your vehicle into Evans Automotive Service Center right away. Catching issues early can save money and keep your family safe on the roads in Pensacola. An inspection at the first sign of a problem can make the difference between a simple repair and a serious accident.

Request an appointment for a brake inspection by calling.


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