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3 Tire Pressure Misconceptions

At our independent auto repair shop, our service advisors often recommend that our customers regularly check their tire pressure at home. This simple test can make a big difference for the lifespan of your vehicle’s tires! But there are a few common misconceptions:

  1. Fill to the pressure listed on the tire itself. Tire brands can withstand different amounts of pressure, which is why the tire manufacturers list the maximum inflation pressure on the tire itself, often on the sidewall of the tire. However, this is NOT the correct pressure for your tire. Proper tire pressure is specified by the vehicle manufacturer. This is calculated to account for the weight and performance of the vehicle and tire requirements. Look for the correct inflation pressure on the vehicle door edge, door post, glove box, fuel door, or owner’s manual. When in doubt, call our auto repair shop. Our experienced technicians can help you look up the proper tire pressure for your vehicle.
  2. Under-inflated tires mean more traction. When the tires have too little air, they will sit lower on the road. More surface area of the tire will be in contact with the road. This can provide more traction in certain conditions, like driving in fine sand, but can be dangerous on normal roads. The added surface contact creates excessive stresses and heat on the tire, which could lead to tire failure. This also shifts the pressure towards the sidewalls of the tire, where it does not have protective tread or structural integrity to withstand the pressure. Under-inflated tires leave you at increased risk for a blowout or flat tire on the road!
  3. Over-inflated tires mean more efficiency. With too much air, your car drives like it’s wearing stilettos. Not only is this uncomfortable – you’ll feel every bump, crack, and imperfection in the road – but it can be dangerous. Over-inflated tires can cause handling and stopping problems. It also leads to uneven wear, which can significantly shorten the life of your tires. The manufacturers recommended pressure accounts for both comfort and efficiency. Proper inflation will give you the best performance for your vehicle.

If you have questions about the proper tire pressure for your vehicle, call our team of auto experts. We can help you find the appropriate tire pressure to optimize performance, comfort, and efficiency for your vehicle and maximize the life of your tires – saving you money over the life of the vehicle! To have your tires inspected, bring your vehicle to Evans Automotive Service Center in Pensacola or request an appointment online.


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