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4 Signs of Transmission Trouble

Car Transmission

Trying to diagnose problems with the car’s engine is an impossible task for most of us. Let us make this task easier. With a little attention to detail and some useful tips, the process will become a lot simpler. What is the first thing you do when your stomach starts to hurt? You think of the last meal that you ate, i.e. you try to find out the reason for the pain. This process is exactly what you should do with your car.

If you feel a change in the functioning of the car’s engine, it’s time to consider what the problem is and to try and get it fixed. This article will outline the five ways that you can judge a problem in your car’s engine transmission.

A Burning Smell

One of the easiest indicators of engine problems is the burning smell of transmission fluids. The smell of burning fluids is commonly an indicator of the overheating of the transmission unit. These fluids are tasked with not only keeping the moving part in the engine lubricated, but it is also to prevent flame or burn damage to the transmission unit.

Uncanny Noises in the Neutral State

One of the easiest ways to tell a car is having transmission problems is listening closely to the sounds that the car makes when shifting gears. In case of a noise that is out of the ordinary, the driver of the car will know that the transmission system of the car needs to be repaired. But would you expect any trouble if there were some noise even when the car is neutral? There are two types of problems that noises can highlight when the car is in a neutral gear. One is the lack of transmission fluid in the car, while the other more serious one is an indication of wear and tear that a part or parts of the engine have gone through.

Ghost Gear Shift

Irrespective of the car you drive, i.e. whether it is manual or automatic, the role of the gear is particularly important in controlling the speed of the car. When you are driving your vehicle and you shift gears whether manually or your car’s computer does it for you according to the RPM range, gears usually stay in their designated slots until changed further. What if the gear starts to slip and shift gear without control? This is a sign of your car’s engine transmission having a problem. While this problem is unlikely to be dangerous at first, you should take the car to the mechanic immediately to avoid problems in the long run.

Fluid Leak

A fluid leak is perhaps the easiest way to judge whether your car is having engine trouble or not. The importance of transmission fluid in your car has been highlighted above. Lack of fluid is likely to cause the car severe problems especially when trying to shift gears. The color of the automatic transmission fluid is bright red. Make sure that the transmission fluid leaking from the engine is of the same color or it could indicate the presence of a bigger problem with the engine. Always remember that the transmission fluid in your car is not like your car’s motor oil and therefore is not consumed by the car. Any drop in levels of the fluid will indicate a leak which should be addressed immediately.

Are you facing problems with your engine and transmission? If that is the case, call us to schedule a checkup for your vehicle.


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