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Monthly Archives: February 2017

Brake Fluid: Fact and Friction

We all understand the need for brakes on our vehicles. Brakes, by definition, are a device for slowing or stopping a vehicle by the transfer of energy, usually by means of friction.  Visualize Fred Flintstone putting his heels down and stopping his car.  There was nothing between Fred and the road!  Today’s vehicles have several layers between your feet and the road, but just wonder what it would feel like dragging your feet beneath the moving car, trying to reach the roadway but not quite getting there. That’s why brake fluid is so important.  It provides that vital link between the pressure you are applying with your feet (via the brake pedal) and the brakes themselves – that’s the friction.   Without it, there’s no way for this pressure to make it to the brakes. Do you feel that your brakes are not as responsive as they once were? If you suspect your brakes are starting to fail, please make an appointment at Evans Automotive Ser ... read more


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