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Save Money at the Pump with the Right Gas

Save Money at the Pump with the Right Gas

When you pull up to the gas station and glance at the prices, it can be tempting to reach for the lowest octane with the lowest price… but depending on your engine, this could save you a few cents at the pump and cost hundreds in engine damage down the road. Why? Not all engines use fuel in the same way. High performance vehicles often put extra pressure on the fuel before it is ignited. This is called compression. The octane rating (or number on the gas pump) for the fuel tells you how much it can be compressed before it will spontaneously ignite. Premature detonation in the engine, also called knocking or pinging, can lower the performance and efficiency of your vehicle and cause serious engine damage. Saving a few cents by choosing the cheapest gas may lead to thousands of dollars in engine repair. Never compromise by choosing a lower octane for your vehicle, and always use the grade your manufacturer recommends for your vehicle. If yo ... read more


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