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Fluid Check – Simple Tip to Save Thousands!

Fluid Check – Simple Tip to Save Thousands!

The manual for your vehicle is filled with dates, mileage, and recommended maintenance to keep your vehicle running smoothly. But what happens if you put off that fluid flush until the next oil change? If you’re lucky, skipping a fluid flush means reduced performance, extra wear and tear on your vehicle, and a few extra issues on your next inspection. If you’re unlucky, it means you’re at risk for a breakdown and expensive repairs. You are at even greater risk the longer you put off the cooling flush and maintenance. Motor oil, brake fluid, transmission fluid, coolant… even windshield washer fluid! There are many types of fluids in your vehicle, and each needs to be replaced periodically. These fluids perform critical functions, like preventing your vehicle from overheating and providing pressure in the brake system to stop your vehicle. As the fluids flow through the systems in your vehicle, they are subject to normal wear and tear from the heat ... read more


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