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Brake Maintenance & Safety


Brakes and tires are the two most critical factors when it comes to road safety. Tires are the only contact point your vehicle has with the road. And brakes, well they are self-explanatory. If your brakes fail while driving, you are in serious trouble. In a recent blog post, we took an in-depth look at tire safety and maintenance. Let’s take the same look at brake safety and maintenance.

How do you know when your brakes need to be looked at or changed? gives a great list of things you need to look and listen for when it comes to your brakes.

  • Your brake light on your dashboard – this may seem obvious, but many times your vehicle will let you know if there is a possible issue with your brakes. This is especially common for newer vehicles.
  • Vehicle puling to one side – if your car is pulling to one side while braking, you know you need to have your brakes checked out. On a side note, this will also cause unbalanced rotor wear, resulting in a higher repair bill. So don’t put it off.
  • Low brake pedal while braking – if you stomp on your brakes and it takes a while for the pedal to engage, chances are you need to replace your brake pads.
  • Hard brake pedal while braking – If you have to press your brake pedal with a lot of pressure to come to a stop, you may need to have your pads changed.
  • Noises while braking – If you hear any noises while you are braking, in most cases it is not normal. There are certain types of brake pads that cause noise, but most do not.
  • Vibrations while braking – if you feel your car vibrating while you are braking, you most likely need to have your brake rotors resurfaced or replaced.

What are the risks if I neglect to have my brakes changed?

  • Possible brake failure when driving your vehicle. This is the worst possible situation.
  • Uneven brake wear, which can cause misalignment, which will result on a higher repair bill.
  • Wearing down of the brake rotor, which will result in having to resurface or replace the rotor as well. This also will result in a higher repair bill.

Bottom line, make sure you are taking care of your brakes. If you choose Evans Automotive for your brake maintenance and repair, we will make sure you car is being taken care of correctly and affordably. Give us a call or bring your vehicle in to have a full brake inspection or service.


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