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Brake Rotor Resurfacing

Brake Rotors

If you have owned and driven your vehicle for any length of time, you are sure to have felt the difference in the brake service that you get from different shops. Traditionally, brake services had the servicemen machine the rotors instead of replacing them. Now however, breaks are regularly being replaced after almost every break service. This blog will outline the reasons why rotors are now being replaced instead of machined after every brake service.

Thinner Rotors

The thickness of the rotors in today’s vehicle brakes has considerably decreased. While this decrease in thickness is likely to benefit the car’s performance such as fuel economy, speed, and velocity, it makes it unable to be machined and reused. While this may be beneficial for the car’s performance, being too thin significantly impairs the rotors’ usefulness. The job of a brake rotor is to dissipate the heat from the braking which thicker rotors can do. Thinner rotors, however, start to melt under such heat and create an annoying vibration while braking.

Back when the rotors used in the cars were thicker, they were able to take the wear and tear of the brake pads even after having been machined. The thickness meant that the number of uses of the rotor increased. Yet the enhancement of the vehicles performance is regarded in a much higher sense than replacement of rotors, thus allowing for the replacement of such an essential car element.

Brake Pads made of Ceramic or Metallic Materials

Semi metallic or ceramic brake pads are being used by companies in the making of brake pads. This is a successful strategy since it allows for the pads to get an enhanced sense of strength and to make sure that the heat is conducted away from the pads. Despite this though, being made out of ceramic or semi metallic material, allows the brake pads to increase the wear and tear in rotors.

While they tend to dampen the noise of operations in addition to a variety of other benefits, the use of such new materials in the making of brake pads lessens the rotor life. In this case as well, it seems that the life span of the rotor has been sacrificed over the benefits of shorter braking distance, less dust, and heat generation and lower levels of pad wear and tear.

Recycled Rotors

Car and car part production companies are becoming environmentally responsible. Most companies are now making rotors from recycled materials. This allows for the rotors to be environmentally friendly and lighter on the car and the brake pads. However, the use of recycled metals makes them unable to handle heat and wear and tear since metals tend to weaken after one use. This means that while environmentally the new rotors are a good fit, this quality makes them weaker and more prone to replacements.

Having outlined all of the reason for rotor replacement, we hope that the next time you come to us for brake service you are satisfied and content with our service as always. If you think your car is having braking problems or makes funny movements or noises every time you press the brake, make sure you bring your car to us and we will make sure your car is in the perfect condition.


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