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Checking your Headlights

Check and clean your headlights for safe driving in Pensacola FL with help from the technicians at Evans Automotive Repair

Winter roads are dark – make sure you can see (and be seen) on the roads in Pensacola by checking your headlights.

For most drivers, headlights are one piece of your car that is taken for granted. You don’t have to think about your headlights unless the roads are dark. Modern cars often have automatic lights, so you don’t even need to flip a switch to see at night.

But what happens when your headlights are looking a little duller than usual? If you’re not checking your headlights as part of your car care routine, you may miss the warning signs and small issues that make it hard to see on dark winter roads.

First, check your bulbs. Once per month, ask a passenger to help you check your lights. Have one person sit in the car and turn on and off the various lights while the other walks around the vehicle to make sure they are all working. Headlights, foglights, taillights, brake lights, turn signals… each bulb is important for helping you stay safe on the roads, so make sure every light is working properly.

For a more frequent test, pull forward against a white wall or closed garage door. Turn on and off your headlights and check for their reflection against the surface. Look for the same level of brightness from both sides and for lights that aren’t working.

Next, check for dull headlights. The plastic coverings can become worn from years and miles on the roads. The high heat from the light combined with road debris means the plastic can become dull, foggy, and yellow over time. If your headlights aren’t shining as bright as they should, even with working bulbs, you may need to have your headlights cleaned or replaced.

Visibility is key on winter roads in Pensacola! Your vehicle’s headlights help you to see and be seen on dark roads. Our technicians check your headlights as part of every inspection. Stop by Evan’s Automotive Service Center for a winter safety check – call us or schedule an appointment online.


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