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Extending the Life of Your Transmission

Transmission Maintenance

The transmission is one of the most expensive components of a vehicle. Really, apart from the engine, replacing a transmission, manual or automatic, can be the most costly repair you can have done on your vehicle. That said, it is so important to maintain and take proper care of your transmission. Let’s talk about the few different ways you can prevent having to replace or repair your transmission. But first, for those who might not know, what exactly is a transmission?

What is a transmission?

By definition, a transmission is the mechanism by which power is transmitted from an engine to the wheels of a motor vehicle.

In simpler terms, your vehicle’s transmission is what connects your engine to your tires. You can have a 500hp engine, and you can have high quality tires, but without a transmission, you’re not getting anywhere. Your engine has what’s called a crankshaft, which is spun by the running engine. Your transmission is connected to the engine by the crankshaft. It is also connected to the wheels by what called a differential. It’s what delivers the actual engine power to the wheels. Again, without a transmission, your car would go nowhere.

How to Keep Your Transmission in Good Health

  1. Don’t drive your vehicle too hard. Yes, driving easy is the best way to prevent transmission failure, and also prevent many car related issues in general. Why? The main reasons are component stress and heat. Heat is the enemy of engines, and most things mechanical. They cause quicker wear. When you drive your vehicle hard, you increase temperatures everywhere. On the tires, in the engine, and transmission. This causes premature wear, quickly.
  2. Regularly change your transmission fluid. We recommend changing your transmission fluid every year. Your transmission fluid can leak over time, as well as break down primarily due to heat. Just like maintaining your engine required regular oil change, your transmission requires the same, just at less frequent intervals.

If you would like to have your transmission serviced or just inspected, please give us a call. We are happy to help!


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