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Fluid Check – Simple Tip to Save Thousands!

Maintain Your Vehicle's Fluids

The manual for your vehicle is filled with dates, mileage, and recommended maintenance to keep your vehicle running smoothly. But what happens if you put off that fluid flush until the next oil change?

If you’re lucky, skipping a fluid flush means reduced performance, extra wear and tear on your vehicle, and a few extra issues on your next inspection. If you’re unlucky, it means you’re at risk for a breakdown and expensive repairs. You are at even greater risk the longer you put off the cooling flush and maintenance.

Motor oil, brake fluid, transmission fluid, coolant… even windshield washer fluid! There are many types of fluids in your vehicle, and each needs to be replaced periodically. These fluids perform critical functions, like preventing your vehicle from overheating and providing pressure in the brake system to stop your vehicle.

As the fluids flow through the systems in your vehicle, they are subject to normal wear and tear from the heat of the engine, mechanical components they interact with, and contaminants like dirt and debris that get in the system.

Once the fluid becomes too old, it becomes viscous or thick like sludge. It can no longer effectively perform its job of lubricating the moving parts in your vehicle.

It also may become corrosive, leading to rust, oxidation, or mineral deposits which can cause further harm to your vehicle. When the fluid reaches this point, it must be flushed and replaced with new fluid to prevent damage.

The recommended maintenance intervals in your owner’s manual are carefully calculated to give your vehicle the optimal life. Manufacturers consider things like the specific parts in your vehicle, how the engine operates, and the type of fluids to create the maintenance schedule.

But even this schedule does not include every factor affecting the way fluid is used in your system. Other factors like how you drive, road conditions, and maintenance performed on your vehicle can affect the condition of the fluid and how frequently you need to replace it.

For best results, bring your vehicle to Evans Automotive Service Center in Pensacola for regular inspections. Our experienced and certified technicians will examine all of the fluids in your vehicle and let you know when it is time to replace them. An inspection as part of every oil change allows you to catch potential issues early, keep up with preventative maintenance, and save thousands by avoiding extensive damage and expensive repairs.

To schedule your next inspection, call our auto repair shop in Pensacola.


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