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Get the Most Out of Your Tires

Mechanic Rotating Tires

It is a new season, and that means time to inspect your tires and get the most out of them as you drive the roads of Florida.

If you drive your vehicle 12,000-14,000 miles per year like the average driver, the change of the season is a great reminder to inspect your tires. Every 3,000 miles tires should be inspected for proper inflation to keep you running smoothly and maximize fuel efficiency.  Inflate to your vehicle manufacturer’s recommendation, not the maximum pressure allowed as stamped on the side of the tire.  A monthly visual inspection and tire pressure check is recommended by most tire retailers.

At every 6,000-8,000 miles, tires need to be rotated. Rotation is critical for even tire wear and longevity.  This is a great time to closely inspect each tire for uneven wear patterns or damage.  Often, uneven wear can be corrected with an alignment, but could be the result of worn or damaged suspension. Stop by Evans Automotive Service Center for an alignment inspection to catch potential problems before they damage your tires.

Even with the best maintenance and low use, all tires eventually will wear out.  According to the Rubber Manufacturers Association, there isn’t a way to date a tire for “expiration.” Factors such as heat, storage, and conditions of use can reduce the life expectancy of your tire dramatically. Much like an old rubber band that cracks and snaps as you stretch it, the rubber in your tires will age, as well. Tires can develop cracks, and the steel belts and treads can separate.  Heat, poor inflation, and damage from curbs can accelerate this process. Some manufacturers believe, in best conditions, the rubber can last up to 10 years.  This does not account for wear from use. This applies to your spare tire, as well.

How do I find when my tires were manufactured?  All tires made after 2000 will have a four digit tire date code on the sidewall. The first two digits are the week it was made, and the last two numbers are the year.  A tire stamped with 1410, would have been made in March of 2010.

Once you have five years of service on your tires, more frequent inspections are recommended. If you need assistance with tire service, rotations, and inspections, Evans Automotive Service Center will always be happy to assist to keep you rolling, safely. Call our auto repair shop in Pensacola to schedule your next appointment.


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