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Over vs Under Inflated Tires

Proper tire pressure can save you money and gas on the roads in Pensacola. The auto experts at Evans Automotive Repair will make sure your tires are in the best condition with proper inflation and tire pressure.

Keeping your tires at the proper pressure can go a long way to help improve fuel efficiency, comfort on the roads, and even the life of your tires… but how do you know the optimal tire pressure?

If your tires are under inflated, the lack of pressure inside the tire can create more stress on the side wall of the tire. Tires are designed so that the tread is on the part of the tire that is meant to hit the road. If there is not enough air in the tire, the sidewall may connect with the road as you drive or turn your wheels.

The side wall of the tire is often thinner than the outside of the tire. Without the tread to protect the side wall from dangers on the road, the side wall will become thin and worn quickly. Your vehicle is much more likely to get a flat tire from hazards on the road or a blow out when the tire becomes too thing.

Over inflating the tire can also be dangerous. If the tire is filled with too much air, the internal pressure puts the tire at risk. Again it affects the way the tire hits the road. Imagine walking on tip toes or in very high heels – that’s how over inflated tires feel for your vehicle. As you drive with over inflated tires you are likely to feel every bump in the road and have trouble steering and handling your vehicle.

The best tire pressure leaves you comfortable on the road, with proper handling. It also helps to improve fuel efficiency by reducing the resistance of the tire against the road. By ensuring that the tire hits the road in the correct inflation, you’ll also be able to prevent early or uneven wear and maximize the life of your tire!

But how do you know the correct inflation?

Don’t rely on the tire pressure listed on the tire itself – this indicates the maximum inflation pressure the tire is designed to handle, NOT the proper inflation for your vehicle.

The manufacturer of your vehicle will include the optimal tire pressure in the owner’s manual. You may also be able to find this information on the car door edge, door post, glove box, or fuel door.

If you’re not sure what the correct tire pressure is for your vehicle, bring it into Evans Automotive Repair or call us. Our team can help find the best tire pressure for your vehicle so you can maximize the life of your tires!


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