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Saving with “Cheap” Brakes

As we kick off a new year, you’ve probably already made some resolutions. The most popular resolutions are:
1) lose weight
2) get organized
3) spend less, save more.

But when pinching pennies puts you or your family at risk, it is never worth it.

If your brakes are making a shrieking sound, it might be time for new brakes. But don’t go just anywhere to get them replaced… watch out for bargain brake jobs.

“Cheap” brake jobs means two things: Cheap parts and lower quality technicians.

When we think about brakes, the first thing we think about are pads. Not all pads are created equal – for the most efficient braking, you need quality pads that are exactly the same size as the rotor to get as much braking power as possible.

But cheap brake pads often miss the mark. When they are the wrong size, they will wear down, rub against parts they shouldn’t touch, and prevent the pad from touching the rotor. This means you’ll need to replace that cheap part much sooner, spend more over time, and leave your family at risk when the brakes fail.

Brake pads are not the only critical component for stopping your car. Every time you have your brakes worked on, the technician should be inspecting the wheel cylinder, shoes, wheel bearings, and brake fluid.

An issue with one of these components that goes unnoticed by an inexperienced mechanic during a “cheap” brake job can cost hundreds of dollars and increase the chance of a critical failure while you are on the road.

When it comes to your family’s safety, brakes are not the place to cut corners to save money. If you notice a problem stopping your vehicle, have an experienced technician, like those at our auto repair shop in Pensacola, inspect your brakes right away.

Instead of sacrificing safety with cheap parts and inexperienced technicians, there are better ways to save money. Bring your vehicle to Evans Automotive Service Center. We will help you make economic decisions that don’t leave your family at risk. Give us a call to schedule your next appointment.


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