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Signs Your Vehicle is Overheating

Signs your vehicle is overheating and how to prevent from the auto technicians at Evans Automotive Service Center in Pensacola Florida

Are you ready for summer? This season means rising temperatures in Pensacola, which can leave your vehicle at higher risk for overheating.

As you drive on especially hot days this summer, keep an eye out for these three warning signs that your vehicle is overheating:

  • Steam from under the hood
    If your engine is running too hot, the temperature can cause the fluids in the engine to boil and evaporate. The coolant and water in the engine, also called radiator fluid, will turn to water vapor. This often looks more like smoke pouring from the hood of your car. At the first sign of vapor, pull over and turn off your engine to let your vehicle cool down.
  • Strange smells
    The components in your vehicle are designed to withstand the high temperatures that occur during normal operation of your engine. If you start to smell something burning or melting, the engine may be overheating. Fluids often smell as they are heated to a boil or leak from the engine. If you notice a strange smell when your drive your vehicle, especially on hot summer days, bring your car to our auto shop in Pensacola for an inspection.
  • Temperature gauge
    One clear sign of heat in the engine is the temperature gauge on your dashboard. If the needle spikes to the top or quickly rises about normal, pull over to make sure your engine isn’t overheating. If you suspect that the temperature gauge is not working properly, ask our technicians to look at it in your next inspection.

Hot summer days mean your vehicle is at increased risk for overheating. The best way to avoid overheating is with preventative maintenance.

Cooling system flushes ensure that the coolant in your engine is ready for the task ahead by removing spent, contaminated fluid and replacing it with new coolant to regulate the temperature in your engine.

Regular inspections will also help catch warning signs early and prevent problems that could result in an overheating engine leaving you stuck on the road.

To make sure your vehicle is ready for the hot summer months, stop by Evans Automotive Service Center in Pensacola! Our experienced technicians will thoroughly inspect your vehicle to help you make the best decisions to care for your vehicle and your family. Call us to request an appointment.


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