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Spring Safety on Wet Roads

Safe Driving on Wet Roads this Spring from the auto repair experts at Evans Automotive Service Center in Pensacola Florida

Spring means rain, puddles, slick roads and hydroplaning. Here are some tips to help you stay safely on the road, no matter what kind of weather we get this spring!

  1. Proper tire tread depth is critical for being able to channel away water and maintain traction on slick roads. You can easily check tread depth at home if you have a quarter handy. Insert the quarter head down into the tread; if your tread covers the top of Washington’s head, you have at least 4/32”, enough to keep you safely gripping the roads.
  2. Always drive with two hands on the wheel! Windy, slippery, rainy, wet conditions make defensive driving a must. Others may swerve into your lane or hydroplane into your path and being able to safely control your car is a critical part of keeping your family safe. For this same reason, keep plenty of distance between you and the can in front to make sure you can stop in plenty of time.
  3. Brake carefully. If you’re travelling at high speeds and need to turn, brake in a straight line first, before beginning the turn. When turning, don’t jerk the wheel around to avoid slipping and sliding.
  4. Finally, if you do start to hydroplane, don’t panic. Ease off the accelerator but don’t hit the brakes! Instead, gently steer in the direction you want the car to go, until your tires regain traction. (Avoid using cruise control in hydroplaning conditions, as it’s much harder to ease off the accelerator when you feel the car sliding out of the control).

The risk of hydroplaning goes down significantly by making sure your car has enough tread to grip the road. Call or stop by to have one of our ASE Certified technicians inspect your tires for proper tread depth. Call today.


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