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What Causes Your A/C to Leak?

What Causes Your A/C to Leak?

Summer is just around the corner. Here in Florida, it’s essentially here already. Most of us are cranking our AC on full blast as soon as we get into our car. This is also the season where some of us are reminded that our AC doesn’t blow too cold or it’s leaking, and we need to go “get it fixed.” Let’s look at what causes your Ac to leak, or to not blow cold.

Your AC system is made up of many different parts, the evaporator core(s) being a primary component. The evaporator core is what causes hot air to cool, and become the cold air you feel when you dial your AC into the “blue zone”. The core uses Freon to make this happen. When the Freon passes through the evaporator core, it turns into rapidly cooling gas, which in turn gives you the cold air you feel in coming through your vents. A side affect of this is the condensation you see leaking from under your car. Think of it like putting a glass of cold water out on a hot day. Condensation builds up on the outside of the glass due to the rapid temperature change of the liquid inside of the glass. So this is what you see leaking under your car on a hot day, when you have the AC running on full blast.

Evaporator Core replacement

We recently had to replace an evaporator core in a customer’s vehicle. As you can see, in order to do this, the entire dashboard has to be removed, and then reinstalled. Talk about a job!

If your vehicle is having a bit of AC trouble, feel free to come by Evans Automotive for an inspection.


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