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What does it really cost to maintain your car?

Car Maintenance

If you are looking at buying a new vehicle or trading in your current vehicle, it can be difficult to factor in hard maintenance cost figures. Depending on the vehicle you have or are considering purchasing, regular maintenance frequency can vary, as well as the overall costs. Here, we’ve put together a couple reliable resources for you to accurately determine what you can expect to pay to maintain the vehicle you have or are considering.

Get your specific vehicle’s maintenance estimates

No website can offer 100% accuracy, but has come pretty close. The link below will direct you to input your vehicle make/model and mileage. It will then show you at what mileage intervals your vehicle needs to be serviced, and the general estimate per service. This is a great tool to help calculate the lifetime cost of owning the vehicle:

Find our what Technical Service Bulletins or Recalls have been issues for your vehicle

Manufacturers commonly issue recalls or TSB’s for most vehicles. Many times, they are small issues that will not hinder the safety or performance of the vehicle. Other times, they can be dangerous if not heeded.

Just a few years ago, Toyota/Lexus issued a massive recall on many vehicle models due to an issue with the gas pedal. Drivers found their cars accelerating on their own, unable to stop. In the end, four people died from this. You can read more here:

Manufacturer issues with vehicles are usually not this dire. The Toyota/Lexus incident is a rare one. However, it’s always best to find out if there are any existing, known issues with your particular make/model/year. Make sure that your vehicle does not have any outstanding TSB’s or recalls. If it does, simply take your vehicle to a local dealer, and they will have to fix it for you.

Here are a couple helpful links:
Technical Service Bulletins and Recalls –
Early Warning Report –


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