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When are cloudy headlights not safe? Can my headlights be restored?

Headlight Restoration

If your headlights are yellowing or becoming cloudy, you should consider having your headlights restored to their original condition. Restoring your vehicle’s headlights improves not only its appearance, but it’s safety as well!

What causes headlights to become cloudy and yellow?

Have you ever wondered why, typically, only your headlights will fade and yellow over time, and not your taillights? That’s because in many cars, the taillights are made out of acrylic, whereas the headlights are made out of polycarbonate. Over time, any light made out of polycarbonate plastic will start to oxidize, which will make it dull and yellow. The main cause of this is UV rays from the sun. Things like rain, car wash chemicals, dirt, etc. can also contribute, as they can scratch the surface and strip protective UV-blocking compounds from the plastic.

Is it safe to drive with cloudy headlights?

If your headlights are just beginning to become cloudy, very likely it is completely safe to drive. However, over time this cloudiness can increase, and result in lowered brightness of your headlights. And any decreased visibility during nighttime driving (or driving in stormy conditions) is a serious safety concern!

What can be done to restore my headlights?

Evans Automotive offers headlight restoration services at our shop in Pensacola, Florida, off Lillian Hwy. Depending on the level of oxidation, we will sand and polish your headlights using special equipment and compounds. Our process removes cloudiness, yellowing and even scratches! In most cases your headlights will look brand new! On top of that, we finish by applying a protective layer to the headlights to block UV rays, which helps to slow the oxidation process, preventing them from turning yellow or becoming cloudy again.

Many of our customers come in to have an oil change, and elect to have their headlights restored as well. It is a fairly simple, quick and inexpensive service, and can really make a difference in your car’s appearance, and more importantly, its safety!


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